Inside the Mind: The Human Soul

The human soul, such a complex concept, that so many of us treat as simple. It’s so hard to comprehend what it really means to have life, even more so to find a purpose for it. So many of us live our lives like we are promised tomorrow, but what if you didn’t? What if you went into everyday thinking that it might be your last? Some of you might be irrational and a little crazy, but I bet you wouldn’t stress out about the little things you do now, that you would be kind and thankful for your parents and friends. That you would be more willing to give, and more willing to spend time with others rather than being alone. That you would tell him/her how you really feel about them. The reality is that we are not promised tomorrow, but we feel like we are entitled to it. The human life may be complex, but it is also so fragile and broken. People die everyday, and people continue to go through their daily habits because it was not their life that was taken away. It’s so hard to embrace the death of a person, because the feeling of death is an unknown. Something that no one has experienced that is still on this earth. Many choose to ignore it, some embrace it head on, and others battle the fear of it. The human soul is so complex, but yet treated so simple.

If you believe that this is the only life you have, you will forever fear death. Is that our purpose? To live, to breath life, just for a temporary moment on earth, only to go back to the non existent form that we once were, or never were for that matter? No, there has to be a purpose, I’m not here to live my whole life, I’m here to learn, to grow as a person, and to grow in my relationship with the Lord. I may return to the dust that made my body in this life, but I will reap the awards in the next. I still fear death, and I think it’s rational as a human being to do so, but I feel a lot better about it than those who don’t believe in God. This world can not be saved, but the precious soul of the person next to you can be. So yes, the human soul is complex, but that is because it is made to be complex. It is also fragile and broken, primarily because it is meant, to be saved.


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